Working and learning in Europe!

Together with its regional and European partners job destination europe enables unemployed people between the ages of 18 and 35 in the region to prepare for future training or employment within the hugely varied service sector by participating in work placements in European metropolitan regions for a period of several months. Reciprocally job destination europe is ready to host young people from European partner regions in Berlin.

Rückblick auf sieben Jahre „job destination europe“: 19 Durchgänge, 5 europäische Städte und mehr als 160 Teilnehmende

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2015 wurde „job destination europe“ ins Leben gerufen, kurz „JDE“. Das Kooperationsprojekt aus dem Projektverbund der u.bus GmbH und dem bildungsmarkt e.v. ging aus dem Konzept „job destination airport“ hervor und setzte sich im Rahmen der ESF Integrationsrichtlinie des Bundes zum Ziel, junge Erwachsene zwischen 18 und 35 Jahren mit Schwierigkeiten beim Zugang zu Arbeit und Ausbildung in den Beruf zu integrieren oder bei der (Wieder-) Aufnahme einer Schulausbildung zu unterstützen.  weiterlesen

Videobericht: Praktikum in der Videoproduktion

Videobericht: Praktikum in der Videoproduktion

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Unsere Teilnehmerin war sehr interessiert an audio-visueller Produktion. Sie hatte schon einige Vorerfahrungen im Designbereich, mochte aber zur Entscheidung für eine Berufsausbildung doch auch noch gerne Erfahrungen mit bewegten Bildern und Ton sammeln. Da war sie bei Urban Prod genau richtig.

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Network Partners - European partner regions

job destination europe has a network of European partners with many years of strategic and operational experience in dealing with the target group and the organization of transnational mobility . All partners are ready to receive and in turn also to send participants to Berlin.

- partners see here

Sectors and industries

Berlin is an international service metropolis. This sector is hugely important to both the economic and employment situations in the city, and was responsible for bringing in around 84% of the total economic value created in Berlin in 2013. 88% of all those employed in Berlin in 2013 were working in the service sector.

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Network partners in Berlin

Also in Berlin job destination europe cooperates with many partners from the business world , job centers , employment agencies and civil society organizations .

- by way of example may be mentioned here

ESF Integrationsrichtlinie Bund

The German Federal Integration Guideline ESF (ESF Integrationsrichtlinie Bund) is targeted towards young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 who are experiencing multiple difficulties in obtaining access to work and training, and aims to "gradually and sustainably integrate them into work or enable them to (re-)enter school education with the aim of receiving a graduation certificate" (source: ESF Integrationsrichtlinie Bund). The 'Integration through exchange' section of the program (Integration durch Austausch, IdA) aims to realise this objective by means of transnational, participant-oriented mobility programs.

Better job opportunities through international experience and foreign language skills!

The concept is based on the experiences and network of the 'Job Destination Airport' project, which enabled over 200 young Berliners to complete a work placement in France, Finland, Sweden or the Netherlands between 2010 and 2014.


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